Garden Education

How does your garden grow?

We started a Truck Farm in Tampa because we saw the need for our community to engage young people in healthy eating, or just someone eager for more home-grown produce.   Our mobile garden is a great tool to do just that! We bring the garden to your classroom. We understand how expensive field trips can be expensive and want to bring our garden to you!

We have an educational curriculum that will engage children from elementary schools through high schools (and also meets Sunshine State Standards).  We want children thinking about creative objects that they can use as planters, where healthy fruits and vegetables come from, what plants need to grow and what’s cool about growing their own food!  We would also like to engage students in conversations about sustainable agriculture and its benefits, “food systems”, organic gardening, composting and how they can get involved in their own community with sustainable agriculture.

Gardening is a wonderful educational tool for kids!  We promise that everyone will go home with their own plant and dirty hands!

To book inquire about a field trip for your school please contact:

Justin Ragan
Educational Director

If you are interested in visiting the Sweetwater Organic Community Farm, click here!

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