The Truckers

My name is Marisa Langford and never in a million years did I think I would ever hold a job such a “truck farmer.” I am excited about bringing this project to Tampa as an educational tool that will help more people become aware about food sustainablity and also can help educate kids about healthy foods and where they come from.

Truck Farm Tampa will be run by Fit Kids Playground.

The Fit Kids Playground project that was founded in 2009 is excited to partner with Truck Farm and become its newest fleet member in 2012. The mission of Fit Kids Playground is “Real Kids. Real Change. Really Simple.” It doesn’t take much to build awareness and spark change…for anything!

My “little truckers” are used to getting dirty and helping with gardening and harvesting! My 3 children, ages 7,6 and 2, who have developed a love of gardening (thank to their awesome school) and have also helped us on our farm and in our own gardens. This project will be a cool experience for all of us!

Along with my “little farmers,” I have been working very closely with people in our community who are dedicated to gardening, sustainable urban agriculture, community farming, education and are all in all, just some of the best people on Earth! I encourage you to connect with them the next time you need gardening assistance or anything else for that matter. They are the ones who have helped make this project possible here in Tampa. I just found it!

We are excited to get on the road here in Tampa and can’t wait to meet all you folks out there! If you happen to see a garden in the back of a truck on the road, it’s probally us! Haven’t seen one yet, but maybe we can start a trend!

Love and Peas,

Farmer Marisa

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